Tres Hombres blog: Thank you Blankenberge for your hospitality

We arrived on a wednesday early in the morning and went on anchor just in front of the entrance of the harbour. Later at four o’clock we were towed by the volunteer run rescue crew of ‘Sterken Dries’ towards our berth.
After a 2 day sail we were already back in safe harbor. The Maritime festival started on Thursday so we had some time to make the ship ready to invite thousands of visitors to experience what life onboard a working vessel really is. Well ‘really’ is a big word. To experience this you got to come and sail along.
The festival had lots of tradition music and shanty groups playing during the day and evening. On Sunday I was invited for a barbecue at Ann van Steenkiste of Curiosithee and her family. She is a Belgians tea master and importer of organic tea and knows everything about tea and the real stories behind the production.
She gave me two books with one of the title ‘de stille kracht van thee’ the silent power of tea. I am going to find out.
By Monday we were ready to set sails again. Today Tuesday we soon will see the English east coast. Wind are expected to be westerlies veering to the North. Next destination is Eyemouth Scotland.
Thank you again for Blankenberge for giving us a great welcome.

To be continued

Best regards
Captain Arjen van der Veen

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