Personal Cargo by Rianne

When I am asked how I got to be a ships cook I shortly answer: ´I got drunk with a captain´. That´s partially the story but it does not explain why I got to be a ships cook. On the fortnight of my bachelor graduation in the summer of 2013 I went to check out this ´Rum Boat´in Amsterdam my friend Gerrit kept talking about. There I started talking and rum/bier/wine tasting with Andreas and I found out that the only way for me to come along was to fill in the position of the ships cook for the summer. With complete lack of experience in either being a sailor or a cook, the only letter of recommendation I had with me was my sweet friend Franzi who- slightly intoxicated herself -did a very good job of praising my home cooking skills to the sky (thanks again woman). For me it seemed like a good way to spend my summer and after a month at sea I would pick up my studies and spend my time reading, drawing and cycling around town as usual.
This month of sailing turned out to be life changing. Overwhelmed by enthusiasm and a broader perspective on life I was determined to stay at my new required position as a ships cook, only to find out the vacancy for the 2013/2014 RumRun was already taken. I was rather tenacious in staying a ships cook even if I did not have a ship any more. It took me another three months, a lot of patience, money and sponsoring before I had all my seaman’s papers in order. Finally I was ready to  storm the Cape Horn, Spitzbergen, or the South Pacific under sail but the first job I got hired for was a big wobbly stone depositor ship. Even though I had a fully equipped electrical high-tech galley, good company and satellite access to ‘Farmer seeks Wife` (that had to be well analysed by the chief engineer), I missed my low tech wooden ship and most of all, sailing without an engine.
After a rather odd journey working as a ships cook I was welcomed once more to join the Tres Hombres for the 2014/2015 RumRun. And I am very pleased that I did so. Yes the storms are harsh and sometimes the crew drives me crazy. But the sea is my friend, the crew is my family and through endurance we will overcome. There is no better feeling in the world then entering an exotic location together with your sailing brothers and sister and the first things we do is to seek maintenance parts, eggs and vegetables. Sailing emission free around the globe transforms the path into the destination and never distances yourself from your surroundings. Just like the cargo that we carry and all the crew members on board, this ship is personal and it´s story ever developing. I hope that people will understand the importance of Fairtransport and why it will give deeper meaning to their lives, as it has done for mine.

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