Nordlys blog: Cutting through the waves

When we finally came into proximity of our destination, Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight our course on the AIS looked like we had attempted to write “Nordlys was here” in the English channel.
Still mostly drifting around it became clear that if we made it into Yarmouth with the little wind we had we would be stuck there for at least another week. So we headed on in the direction of Brixham to make a short resupplying stop there instead.

Shortly before we reached Brixham harbour however the weather frogs responsible for the grip files seemed to have decided that the everything goes crazy days where over and provided some accurate information for the first time in a long time. The wind would pick up! And really, some hours after this promising message we were to do some real sailing and happily watched Nordlys gracefully cutting through the waves.
Stopping now at the chance of catching up with the schedule was out of the question so our new and for the next days final destination was Portugal.

Bosun Luna

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