I am in Love – by Ruth

How could I describe the experience of sailing with Tres Hombres?

… it’s been like falling in love.

With both the beautiful and confusing aspects of it. Being facinated and euphoric and doubtfull and afraid all at the same time. With clumsey movements – afraid to do somethig wrong and hurt or upset her, afraid to be pushed away (thrown off). Confused because everything is so new: the sails, the ropes, the logic of how both are connected and work with the waves and the wind. The language the crew uses. Where to find a hammer, a spoon or a climbing belt. But at the same it feels like coming home. I am excited and enjoying every moment. all the time i see things take make me fall in love even more.

And then there’s the feeling of being in the middle of the north sea.  It’s not a suprise that gazing at the horizon stays interesting all the time. Watch the waves reflect sun and moon, the clouds and colours in the sky, the stars. I was surprised though that most of the time there was more to see. Yesterday the amazing spectacle of the rising moon at starboard side was mirorred with a huge oil platform we were approching at portside. Both equally facinating, but in such a different way. It felt right sailing there without engine. Oh yes – i do feel the butterflies every time i realize: we are sailing! Moving  10 ‘knots’ fast on the wind and current. But we can see the Norwegian coastline now and the merchant in me is looking forward to get the pumpkins on board to our destination.

For me Stavanger is also already the end of my time on board, and I will be very sad leaving my new home. I know I will be missing both the sailing and the wonderfulll company. I’ll feel homesick and I’ll stay in love. I hope watching the pictures of Tres Hobres sailing south will bring me warm feelings in our European winter. And with some Rum, I´ll try not to be too jealous.

Dear new friend, dear most beautiful ship in the world, take good care of each other and have a safe and beautifull journey! I’ll be waiting for you – we’ll meet again. tusen takk / thank you so much.



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