Camping on the dock

Last week I arrived in Den Helder to start ready the provisioning for another year of sailing. Next to a sufficient amount of sambal badjak en hagelslag, some other essential staples needs to be stocked as well. Just like our cargo, we like our food to be fair and environmentally friendly. So farmers are called, deals are made and bulks are being placed in order. Even in Cape Verde people are preparing for our arrival in December at this very moment by salting meat, fish and growing vegetables.

During my preparations, the hardworking refit crew of the Tres Hombres, needs to be fed… a lot. Cooking for these man and women is a true pleasure indeed. There is a good spirit blowing around the dock and everybody is doing everything in their power to get the ship up and running again.

This week the galley will get her own little refit that the cook (that is me) and the rest of the sailing crew will enjoy for the next months to come. In the meantime the cook (still me) will be appointed a temporary galley somewhere on the dock or in a tent or maybe on another ship for the upcoming week. Now this might seem like an awkward position for any cook but keep in mind that the famous ships cook Charles Green had a similar ‘tent galley’ for three years on Antarctica. So I won’t be complaining for it is only one more week of chaos, hard work and good fun before the sail out. In moments of stress I can always put things in perspective: at least I don’t have to deep fry penguins for breakfast.


Ahoy Ships cook Rianne



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