Homeward bound through the North Atlantic

DATE: 25-09-16  GMT: 12-21 POS: 44-29.3 N, 61-29.1 W   COG: 085  SOG: 8.5 Knts

Here we are again, out at sea, approaching the grand banks south of Newfoundland, heading east towards the open ocean. After some weeks of rest and work in the very welcoming harbor of Lunenburg, the weather decided to offer us perfect departure conditions. It took us a good week of craziness again to get the ship and the crew together but when the first Northerly winds rose, we were all on deck ready and excited to depart.

Here I have to take a moment to thank Lammert and all his crew who did a great job helping us having the ship ready to depart and who gave us a warm welcome when captain Arjen van der Veen and I stepped onboard to relieve them. We also like to thank and greet the Picton Castle team and crew for their support and for all the small boats sailing fun.

We had a smooth and happy departure from Lunenburg sailing out of the harbor with both the new and the old crew on board before we headed out of the bay and wave goodbye to our friends. Now we are smoothly sailing East towards Europe the hold full of rum, cacao, coffee and many other natural goods. Some of the crew are discovering life at sea while some of the saltier sailors already enjoy going aloft in the rigging.

The weather forecast is very favorable at the moment and we hope for a fast crossing. We will keep you updated on how our adventure evolves. Many greetings to our friends and families.

Arjen and Remi.

WIND DIR & SPD: Northerlies, 4 to 5 Bfrts
CLOUDS: Sky mostly covered by Cumulus Mediocris
SEA STATE: 1.5m Northerly swell
AIR PRES: 1010 hPa

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