Great visit to Barbados! Loading rum, meeting Slow Food and racing around the Island!


White beaches, black beauties and 4 Banks for 10 Barbadian, this is the best deal of the island…but there is more…the slow food movement with Julie and Ian who brought us interesting and committed company onboard as well as fine goodies from their own produce, locally grown with permaculture techniques, thanks tor Erle from Trinidad who is the leading hand there. The crew had a nice tour about the project, thanks again for that, and we have the freshest salads in the Caribbean…

But more grows her and will be brought back to the old world…organic hot sauce made of local spices and for sure: the rum from Richard Seale, aged gently in the old Foursquare distillery on the southeast of the island. This impressive old plantation uses the original english style pot still distilling in huge copper ketels, next to two great columns which give excellent results in converting molasses to a crystal clean spirit which tastes fine even at 80%, coming out of the tap….

This time we brought our own Port Wine casks directly from Porto and after emptying the rest of Port in there….Richard filled them with a rum which was distilled back in 2005… lets see what arrives in Amsterdam jejeje.

Oja, the race…as every year we started for the Round the Island race but this time the t’gallant yard was still on deck when our hot competitor, the sailing schooner Ruth passed the startline. Bending the sail, hoisting the yard and connecting sheets and clews took until midday but then we went off…after tacking to the start we had a fine breeze on flat water which made her fly along the coast at 9 kn with a relaxed racing crew onboard. At the north tip of the island we met Ruth who was coming back and so we also found a quiet anchorage, which was badly needed after the 200 decibel party boats cruising about Carlisle Bay until 8 in the morning…

Now underway to Marie Galante, no stop at Dominica this time due to the regulations of small minded people in hyper bureaucratic countries where even a sailing ship without engine has to arrive at a certain time… We will see, now we go for more rum but then in the French style, directly squeezed, fermented and distilled from the sugar cane….Rhum Bielle, what do you have for us this time?      


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