Traditional cargo sailing

Three masted lug rig sailing cargo vessel

Grayhound has a huge bowsprit and outrigger so her total sparred length is 108ft. 3500 square foot of sail can drive her fast hull at speeds over 14 knots.

June 2015

Onboard Grayhound we are passionate about treading as lightly as possible on our planets resources. We wanted to start a small family run business that stood for this , we didnt know if it would be possible… and we are trying to find out by becoming a sailing cargo ship. This is our first year delivering cargo and with the help of Fair transport becoming our agent we feel we have the best chance of succeeding.

Together we become stronger and more powerful and as neighbouring countries we work together in a alliance to support each other.

We have always wanted to work with Fairtransport ever since we learnt of the Tres Hombres and saw them sailing and working. We are honoured to be invited into the Fair transport fleet and look forward to a successful working relationship.

We all have very similar values and are all working ships loading and offload cargo, hoping to make our trainees and onloookers think, if but for a second “there really are people out there doing something which challenges old ways and breaks the mould”

If what we do is just to start the discussion then it is worth it. Working with our buyers and producers and taking pride in fair transport is what we are all striving towards. We look forward to sailing with more trainees this year and next and building sail cargo ‘s future alongside the fair transport fleet.

Official Grayhound Logbook and website

Marcus and Freya on the Grayhound

The Grayhound was built by Marcus and Freya who own and operate her today.

Fairtransport will work together with them to organize cargo’s, trainees and crew while they are delivering cargo by sail.

specifications grayhound

Specifications Grayhound

Length on deck 20 metres
Length overall 33 metres
Beam 6 metres
Draught 3.30 metres
56 tonnes
3500 SQ feet canvas
Crew 5
Trainees 9
Cargo capacity 4.5 tonnes in the hold & 750 kg ( 2 barrels) on deck

The Grayhound Lugger and how it all began……..

As jobbing sailors in 2010 we had a idea, to build and run our own traditional sailing vessel, have a family and sail to the Caribbean. Now we have done all the above. Our vessel is a replica 18th Century three masted Customs Lugger. She is wooden, built using traditional materials and methods. We built her ourselves, we sail her ourselves and she is our family home. >>READ MORE

Sailing Schedule Grayhound

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