“Welcome” says the whale

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DATE: 24 nov 15 GMT: 1500 POS:26º42’N, 20º25.8’W COG: 245º SOG:6.5kts


WIND DIR:North east

WIND SPD:15kts


CLOUDS:4/8 cummulus

SEA STATE:calm to moderate



AIR PRES:1024hPa

“welcome” says the whale

A cave. More than one. Plural. Caves, and plenty of them. They are all over the island, everywhere, I can see them from the ship when I climb out of the forecastle in the morning, a minor operation, impossible to do gracefully. I would like to live in a cave. Maybe someday. La Isle de Bonita.

On our way to the island, in the atlantic, we saw a blue whale, beautiful humongous creature, she swam around the ship twice, and waved her goodbye with her tale.  Everyone on board stared dumbstruck into the sea for several minutes after she disapeared into the deep. I cannot imagine a better welcome.

La Palma. A  volcano, beautiful forests, cliffs, tobaco, salamanders, tourists, waterfalls, dried banana leaves, rum, broken clocks, and blue winebottles. So many impressions in such a short time. I am not entirely sure what to do with all of these memories. I keep them for now I suppose, but my head is almost full.

This journey, this voyage is changing me in ways I did not expect. I didn´t see it coming. I suppose you never really see change coming, that´s part of what makes it so pure, it´s uncontrolable, it just happens. Sometimes it just happens. But La Palma is behind us, she Is part of the past, and past is a nice place to visit, but not a very nice place to stay, so now we are headed south-west.

Carribean Is ahead of us, Europe is behind, and we are in the Atlantic again. Again. it´s different this time though, the Atlantic. We can´t see any land anymore, but that´s not exceptional, we have been through that before, so maybe it´s the knowledge of far away from everything we are. Or maybe it´s the fact that we are finally sailing with the tradewinds. Or maybe it´s just because we are going south, away from the cold, that I have grown so used to. I am not entirely sure,  Maybe it´s just me. Maybe it´s because we have only the squaresails set, we have the cargo hole full of rum, wine, and fruit, and something is starting to smell very nicely in the galley.

I am personally wearing way too many layers, and second mate Camille is playing his awful techno music again, so the worlds absolute smallest violin is playing just for me. Again. Giuseppe just came out of the galley with tea and bananas. He is taking good care of us, the people on board the Tres Hombres who are trying to change the world one glas of rum at a time. You know what they say, a glas of rum per day, keeps the good doctor away.

Remember that kids. Anyways, I have been sittting for myself for the most part of the morning, writing this story for you, who is interested enough to turn on your screen and read this, but now the bananas are calling me, and I will go join the others with the new jokes I googled in La Palma. And if I am not grounded, because of the quality of the jokes, I will write to you again soon enough.

Much love from Victoria

on course over ground 245
going 7 knots SW
Fair winds and following seas


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