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DATE:24-06-14  GMT:10:00  POS: 52 14 N, 004 18 E COG: 89 SOG: 7.1
WIND SPD: 4 bft
CLOUDS: mainly fair
SEA STATE: slight
SEA TEMP:17,9 degr says the hull sensor
AIR TEMP: 16 degr
AIR PRES: 1019,5

After a few days with very little wind, now a nice breese. Tres
Hombres is noticeably enjoying herself. We can take a good look at
huis ter duin (Noordwijk) because we are on an easterly course toward
shore now, before turning S along the coast underway to Terneusen.
Last night when the tide turned from S to N we decided to drop anchor,
so the current wouldn´t drag us back nne into the fairway to IJmuiden.
We were laying anchored amidst a lot of big enginepropelled sisters of
ours. It totally becalmed and the night was very still, the water oily
from lack of wind, like it does not occur very often on the North Sea.
It was very enjoyable sitting outside looking at the sky and smelling
the brownies the starboardwatch were baking for our birthdayboy of
today, Ivo. That is already the second birthday on this trip, Francien
brought homemade pie that she coudn´t eat herself due to the process
of growing some sealegs. Tim philosophically remarked: Usually you
feel bad the day after your birthday, because of the party. You
Francien now feel bad on your birthday without a party. That´s also a
way to save money!
Francien, now totally recovered, celebrated her new lifeyear yesterday
by jumping into the Northsea from the bow of the ship, a cold but fun
experience. unfortunately i´m not 20 years old anymore and must take
are of myself a bit. So water under 20 degrees is only for drinking
and for the fish as far as i´m concerned..
I am having a nice week on board, learning to know the ship and crew.
This week is a perfect opportunity for that: wind, no wind, setting
sails and taking them away, wearing ship, tacking, anchoring, heaving
to, drills. Except that i am suffering from the worst cold i had in
three years, life is pretty good to me on board the good ship Tres

Fieke de Baat,
2nd mate

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