We needed more canvas in the wind!

Finally we had wind again and were almost out of the channel.
Still we where unable to make real speed. The deep Atlantic waters with their nice long waves where still hours ahead and the small channel waves slowed us down immensely, breaking every attempt of building up speed.
There was only one solution: we needed more canvas in the wind!
Only setting the mizzen sail would make our boat hard to steer and unbalanced but in combination with the flying jib things should be fine and also a lot faster.
None of us had set the flyer before and our first attempt failed spectacularly.
But after some reorganisation it went up smoothly and we where at once able to feel the difference in Nordlys’ behaviour. The waves didn’t bother her so much any more and together with the mizzen sail we immediately made more speed.

There was only one problem, however. With the additional force of the flying jib on our bowsprit it started to shake and bend upwards like a banana. Every new wind gust risked breaking it further and so we had to take the flyer down again. Frustrated we wondered how this was possible since the bowsprit should be designed to take the force of jib and flying jib easily after all, that was it’s purpose wasn’t it?
Even more frustrating was, that without the flying jib our chance of still reaching Portugal in time had diminished into nothing.

Bosun Luna

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