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Yesterday morning (Friday, July the 4th) we decided to go on anchor in the beautiful Tor bay just outside of Brixham harbor. We tacked up in the bay in gentle wind and dropped anchor at 11h30. Shortly after we had the visit of Tony who saw us arrive and came meet us outside of the harbor. We squared away the deck and furled the sails before lunch. Some of us decided to stay on board to watch the ship while the rest of the crew would go on land and enjoy the evening in Brixham.

After a long anchor maneuver, we finally left Tor Bay sailing downwind towards Berry Head. Just after that we trimmed all the sails for a close hauled and sailed out in the English channel Towards France.

Remi, 1st mate.

-report of the onshore activities by Tom, the third mate-

The lucky shore crew were brought to Brixham in the dinghy by our strict but fair stuurman Steven, who gave us the instructions not get smashing drunk and stay away from the fair maiden in town. My main purpose of the shore visit was to get a nice shower so after dumping the garbage and recycle stuff in the appropriate bins wewent to the Brixham yacht club. we were welcome to use their facilities and all 8 of us except Wessel took advantage of the warm shower.

Cleanly washed and shaved (Tim went for a complete makeover by shaving off his 2 month beard) we went of to first get pounds out of the wall and then off to the pub. the first beer in 5 days tasted excellent and the next ones followed quickly. Our group sort of lost track of each other so we ended up watching the worldcup match Germany France in separate establishments. after replenishing our supplies at the local Coop we needed to assemble at the jetty again for our return to the Tres Hombres, where we were informed that we would lift anchor early next morning for the continuation of ou leg to Douarnenet.

Happy and grateful for the nice excursion we soon hit our bunks. thanks captain Fieke for your vision to stop over in GB and letting us enjoy a great evening in the lovely town of Brixham.


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