Tres Hombres round the table

On the occasion of the visit of the “Tres Hombres” in Douarnenez, a round table about cargo shipping by sail has been organised by the Port­Musée de Douarnenez.

The museum curator Kelig­Yann Cotto  introduced the round table.

He spoke about the heritage of traditional cargo sailing vessels and announced that several initiatives are going on in Douarnenez so as to keep both cargo and passenger ship operations possible and well alive in today’s Port­Rhu. The current Fairtransport and TOWT operation is included in a more general layout of the Port­Rhu, which is the historical trade port of Douarnenez, for the forthcoming years.

Then Guillaume Le Grand of TOWT (TransOceanic Wind Transport ­ Transport à la voile) presented a step­by­step  approach, based on mutual interests, for the transition from oil­shipping to wind­sailing and the position of TOWT in this development.

Last but not least, “Tres Hombres” captain Arjen van der Veen explained how an idea of three sailing friends led to the building of the only engine­less transatlantic cargo sailing  vessel, the foundation of Fairtransport B.V. Shipping and Trading and the a revolution in cargo­sailing.

The fascinated audience of app. 100 people (local sailors, organic shop­owners, wooden shipbuilders, shipping company owners and media representatives) asked a lot of questions about the history of the projects, and above all about the financial aspects of ship­building, and crew wages, and the legal framework of a ship that is considered unsafe in many
countries because of the absence of an engine.

After the meeting, Capbio, a douarneniste organisation that fosters, encourages, and promotes organic products, offered a buffet composed of local products and a “Shipped by sail Avocet Ale” tasting.

The night was a good example of how cooperation can be channeled in order to spread the mutual message on developing emission­free transport by wind power.

Cleem Doedens (Fairtransport Communications)
Guillaume Le Grand (TOWT)
Diana Mesa  (TOWT)

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Table ronde à Douarnenez

Loading of wine barrels:

Tres Hombres in DZ:

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