Tres Hombres blog: Visit us during the maritime festival in Blankenberge!

Voyage: Amsterdam to Blankenberge

Its nice to be out here on the Mare Frisium. The once called Frisian Sea that is now called North Sea.
We are on our way to Blankenberge Belgium for a 5 day Maritime festival this weekend.
Last night we anchored due to the lack of wind in about a meter water. Than this morning we had to break out the anchor out of the sand and pump the chain back in.
Setting all the sails again the ship soon enough made a good spead of knots with the current with us going South. Now the sun is shiny and our bellies are full.
Although the cook is a little sea sick she was able to cook a great meal and made here amazing sour dough bread. Life is good at sea seeing happy faces.

Next stop is Eyemouth, Scotland, wanna sail along?


Captain Arjen van der Veen

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