The beginning of a new Atlantic round – by Captain François Mangin Deville

DATE: 9-10-15 GMT:1919  POS: 52º08′ N,3º25′ W COG:230º  SOG:6.6kts


WIND DIR:North east

WIND SPD:2 bft

CURRENT DIR:south west

CLOUDS: cloudless




AIR PRES:1022 hPa

The beginning of a new Atlantic round by Captain FRA

The good ship Tres Hombres is back at sea after 6 weeks of refit at Den Helder shipyard.
A new gallant yard is now up in the fore mast.
A new gaff is set on the main mast.
12 hull planks were changed and not less than 10 on deck.
2 davids for the dinghy launching which can be execute with just 3 braves sailors now.
New drain and …(it’s not a joke) STONE anti-slippery floor in the galley.
A new Flag, Vanuatu, is on the mast, Fairtransport is not only a big bench of salty sailors.
Some of us working hard on a desk to deal with silly international laws.
Lot of « cosmetics » was done also, the flaming mermaid is beautiful now.
We was up to 40 peoples at Turtuga’s crew house at some point.
All working hard 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Thank you so much for this energy and good spirit.
Nothing is impossible when we work together.
My eyes get wet when I think about you guys.

We are now bounding for Douarnenez in France.
The cargo filled up with chocolate and rum.
Sailing down wind on a Brigantine is amazing.

François Mangin Deville



picture © JdR / Fairtransport


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