Wanted: Fairtransport Trading Manager

This is an offer for an unique position in an unique company. Nothing to just continue a job but to start new, nothing to play with but to build up, nothing to become rich with but to dash into, to open up minds, to enjoy, to grow slow but strong, a possibility to enforce global clean shipping and to modify consumers attitudes in a sustainable way.

The goal is to build up a Dutch based, smooth running European import and distribution network for goods brought emission free by sailing ships from around the world to ports like Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Rostock, Antwerp….
Products vary from Olive oil, wine, rum, cacao, coffee, tuna, tea, chocolate…only products which do not compete with the local farmers produce. Luxury goods, but then organic, fair traded and fair transported, without harm to nature and people.

Work includes:
• import/export logistics
• contact with producers, importers, resellers, journalists, consumers
• sourcing of new products
• branding of products with all steps of it included
• marketing, PR, press releases
• zero-waste shopkeeping in Amsterdam • attending of markets and fairs internationally
• customs declarations
• sampling, billing, packing, sending and finding always the most sustainable form of all this
A crazy but fulfilling job, I can tell you that! The founders are still helping with their knowledge, contacts and experience.

You should bring:
• ability to make contact, maybe already have some in the food/beverage market
• inventiveness, flexibility, ability to make own structures
• responsibility for your work but also for yourself!

• hour based on minimum legal wage plus profit sharing

• office in Den Helder for the first months to enter the family and learn about the business
• then office in Amsterdam (June 2018) and partly at home

Work hours:
• to be discussed to not become endless

Please send your inquiry to board@fairtransport.nl, to attention of Hans van der Pluijm