Speedy Gonzalo is gone! Last tack for Brixham by Captain Arjen van der Veen

DATE:23102014 GMT:0641 POS:49 28 N, 000 33 W COG:303

Something about a storm…

Do not go in their if you can not use it and have to beat it. But using her going downwind is like surfing with an average of 10 knots and this for 18 hours. Yes this is clipper speed and that is where the Tres Hombres is build for. Although she has a water line of 21 meters she has the lines of a clipper. Together with 17 crew we left Stavanger Norway last Friday on a beautiful sunny day with hardly any wind, just enough to maneuver in the Fjords of Norway. A little tricky at times when the current took us in the wrong direction for example a shallow. But we had our 60 horse power dingy along side just in case. Yes, she still has no engine and does not need it either. All she needs is some good hands, a good cook and willpower. I tell you by now as a crew we are unbeatable. Saturday morning we went into the first gale force 7 from the South East at first veering to the South. And seasick some of them were, but they got better the 2nd day seeing the Scotish coast of Aberdeen made all seasickness go away. Studying the weather report we found out Gonzalo is on the loose hitting Great Britain with winds from the West veering North West. At times the coast can also be your friend sailing in smooth seas in the lee of the land.

As we were sailing close hauled (close to the wind) because the wind was south from west the wind started to increase more and more. As it did we took some sails away (reefing) but kept the speed up. By the time Gonsales hit we had four sail up, the two head sails, topsail and the main staysail. Very nice to see is the wind veering to the North West, the skies started to open again meaning we got into the coldfront of the low. Although the barometer took a rollercoaster way down to 990 millibar, we had sun all the way down into the night that was full of stars. By the time we saw the lime stone cliffs of Dover we made about 240 miles in 24 hours. The sun in the East warming up the crew in the morning watch as we tacked in the South West going shipping lane and tacked again in front of Dover and sailed on one starboard tack into the Bay the Senne.

One more tack with the coming South West winds we will reach Brixham England by Friday afternoon. Speedy Gonsales we are, just 7 days out!


With compliment to all her crew, trainees and helmsmen!


Best regards,

Captain Arjen van der Veen










AIR PRES:1024.1

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