Nordlys: Leaving Oostende turned out to be a lot more difficult than we imagined.

After having three beautiful sunny but windy days at the Oostende on Anchor festival and looking forward to sail on in this perfect conditions, the weather gradually changed. A day before the planned departure it suddenly had become windy and the waves where high making it very risky to leave harbour for we would have found ourselfs confronted with snapping towing lines and a rapidly approaching lee-shore in no time.

Since the weather changes quickly over the Belgium coast and we still had plenty of maintenance to do nobody was to concerned about this matter.
But after about five stormy nights of listening to the cracking, whipping sounds of our lines at mooring watch, I began to wonder weather we mistaked the season or if this was the approach of the next ice age.

Finally on the third of June we were able to escape Oostende. An adventurous departure which involved quite a lot of adrenaline and frantic hand signs to the tug boat captain who seemed to have a big fable for lee-coasts.

But finally we made it! Main sail, Forestay sail and Jib filled with wind, safety lines and reef systems ready we sailed right into the next storm warning heading for Nordly’s birthplace, the Isle of Wright.

Bosun Luna

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