Nordlys blog: Epilogue of a Shipyard Winter

“O! the glory of our labours! sawteeth and hammer, adze and chisel, chainsaw and hatchet, the frozen north! oak and pine, pitch and tar, rope and tackle, oakhum and hemp! hands tarred and scarred, hearts singing and mighty, frames and planks, ribs and knees! out with the rotten, and pay up all the seams!

a guild together, no masters, all apprentices! no captain, only the loyalty to do the best for ourselves and our good ship! eight hours of work, eight hours of repose, eight hours of sleep, and this is what we have worked for! we resonate with this vision! we celebrate a craftsfolk tapestry! we step on the holy steppingstones of those before us to set sails into the bright miles to come, unbound by the shadows of the past! we break down to become stronger, we rise with toolsteel hands, a chorus of spirits, wandering shipwrights, we share our journey in these chapters!

the solstice approached and we descended into its depths, the solstice passed and we rose as a phoenix, tempered, smithed, far into the darkness, far into the light…

intent in our breath, intent in the cut of our blades, intent in our kinship, intent in our co-operation…we are rich with intent, we are visionaries all! sailors and journeymen, backpacks and boots, carpenters’ sure hands, and trusty eyes…

our good ship shall leap on the rolling wave! by tool and song, by muscle and sinew, by blood and breath, by spit and grit, and by intention we build her! we build ourselves! we build one another! brothers! sisters! in our ship we shall sail! in our vision we shall voyage! in our actions we honour ourselves! in our craft we hone the blades of our spirits! in our labours we bear the fruits of the endless gift of our journey!

these are the dances of the wandering apprentices, joining in the cobblestone shipyards! and as the nights drew in, and as the nights drew out, we were here all along, together, labouring, in our guild, in our kinship, hand in hand around stewpots and sacred fires! tools in hand at the oilstoned edge of our stories, bounding and singing onto blank pages, building this ship! building this vision!”

Nordlys refit crew

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