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DATE: 14-07-14 GMT: 17-39 POS: 48-36.2 N, 004-49.7 W COG: 12 SOG: 5


WIND SPD: 10 knts
SEA STATE: 1.5m West swell
AIR PRES: 1018 hPa

Departure from Douarnenes. Just after full moon and on the morning tide with a good WS Westerley wind, we cast off and set our sails for Copenhagen. Full to the brim with a cargo of fine wine destined for the Waterside restaurant Noma! The crew woke at 6.30am to prepare the ship. As the winds we favorable we decided to leave without assistance of a tug boat of dinghy. By using the lines and our people power aboard we were able to turn the ship and propel her out of the harbour.

The dockside was crammed full with fishers handling in the harbour. They were impressed to see how we left in part due to the fact that the Tall Ship Corwith Cramer left 20 mins before us using their engines. It is an incredible feeling to leave the harbour to claps and cheers from onlookers. We have been to Douarnene many times now and always have such a great reception.

With 7 new trainees aboard, the mates quickly set to work explaining the lines and teaching the basic sail and line handling as we tacked out of the bay. Louisa impressed the crew by heading straight up to the Royal to unfurl sails the first time she went climbing!

By 2pm lunch was served and we were had rounded Cap de Chevre. We had the current and wind with us so were decided to brave the passage through the aptly named “Chanel de la helle“, passing Ile D“Óuessant. These waters are filled with rocks and sand banks so careful navigation and steerage was necessary. But we sailed through smoothly. The wind was aft and the weather files we downloaded indicated that we will have steady WSW or westerly winds so we set to work preparing to hoist the stun sails. These sails are extensions of the Top sail and the course and require the addition of stun sail booms to the yard arms. This gives us extra sail power downwind.

The sun was bright in the sky and atmosphere idyllic aboard. So far our new trainees have settled in well and the small amount of seasickness was short lived. Perfect way to spend Bastille Day!

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