Interreg S@il programme

We are involved in the S@il programme and we would like to share some information about it.


1.Joint North Sea and NWE Region  stimulating and facilitating the transition process toward a sustainable shipping sector with focus on zero emission freight sailing.

2.Development and promotion of competitive sustainable hybrid sailing concepts, including the execution of living lab pilots.

3.Building of public private alliances and developing of a Strategic Sustainable Sea Transport Plan in order to stimulate and coordinate the implementation of these findings.

4.Market conditions, policy aspects, supporting of actions like clean shipping labelling and public awareness are main items to complete this process


1. Capacity building in competitive economic AND sustainable hybrid sailing concepts.

2. Development and testing of living lab solutions and modelling tools in view of sustainable hybrid sailing concepts.

3. Steps to embed sustainable hybrid freight sailing in policy and legislation.

4. Developing a Strategic Sustainable Sea Transport Plan containing scenario planning tools with Roadmaps till 2050, bearing zero emission sailing in mind. Communication and promotion of S@il results to society

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