In the middle of the Ocean by officer on watch François Mangin Deville

DATE: 30 12 2014 GMT:05 00  POS: 14º32′ N, 40º00′ W COG:270º  SOG:8kts


WIND DIR: north-east

WIND SPD:20 kts


CLOUDS:8/8 of cumulus

SEA STATE:small wavelets, north-east swell 1.5m

SEA TEMP:26.6 ºC


AIR PRES:1018 hPa

In the middle of the Ocean by officer on watch François Mangin Deville

Today our German navigator, Wolfang , made the calculation, it’s official
Tres Hombres is now in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Great felling to be seated so safely in the chart house of the ship.
The bilges are drie, the masts are holding fast all sails.
Thanks to all volunteers who give us hands to keep Tres Hombres in good condition
during the September annually refit.
Your are sailing with us, in my hart.

One can think that the middle of the Ocean is desert
But not..
This morning, a singing bird came flying around us, he had a break on the galley roof,
eating some of the sprouting seeds that Lucy is growing to give us all the vitamins we need to sail only with wind and muscles.

Little bird, were you coming from?
Little bird, were do you go?

“Free birds” we are also
welcome on board
get some rest
in the little house we build for you
made of wood and coconut
“If you leaving tomorrow, would you still remember me?”


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