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Thursday 17th April 2014

Wind jammers film night at The Poly in Falmouthm, UK, with the Captain of Tres Hombres and co founder of our company Arjen van der Veen. Tickets available via The Poly with shots of rum and chocolate sampling to follow. (£6.50 ticket)

9pm onwards Rum tasting cocktails at Dollys organised by New Dawn Traders. >> More info

29th & 30th of March 2014

Or Fairtransport crew will represent the our sustainable shipping company at the Cacoa event in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Let’s work together to create a clean future. Fair – from bean to bar.. >>more info about the event.

7th of March 2014

A lecture by Jorne Langelaan , one of the founders of Fairtransport at the
nautical college of Enkhuizen

Feb. 2014

These past months the Ecoliner team has been in contact with Dykstra Naval
Architects on the last design issues of the ship, but more importantly, on the
preparations of the wind tunnel test and the contract with the bureau which will
execute this test, the Wolfson Unit in Southampton.
We have had to have extensive dealings with the Leader of the EU S@il project
(which funds development of sustainable transport), the province of Fryslân,
to find funding for this very expensive test. The involvement of EU funding entailed
an European public tender as well.

However, at last the contract has been approved and towards the end of February
we have a slot for the tests, which will be executed in the UK. The tests will result
in more definite findings about its design and especially about the efficiency of
the rigging. This is an important indicator of the costs involved in sustainable
transport by the Ecoliner, and accordingly of its profitability. We hope to be able
to make a business case on the basis of the wind tunnel test findings and make
a start with finding investors. We shall keep you posted on significant developments.
Feel free to respond if you have questions or recommendations. office@fairtransport.nl

13th of February 2014

Well it’s Official! Fairtransport is having a party to celebrate the beginning of

the NORDLYS IV PROJECT. We’ve bought a new Brixham trawler – from 1873 –
and we’re going to begin a 1 year Restoration Projet.
(Check out her new facebook page “Nordlys IV”)

The Party is to be held below the Fairtransport Office in the Skipper’s Cafe
Willemsoord, Den Helder. From 14:00 – 18:00 – (2pm – 6pm) on
Sunday February 23rd!

There will be ship tours, smoked fish, and a presentation by Jorne Langelaan about
the Restoration Project & Future of Sail Cargo with Nordlys as wellas a silent auction
for Ships Items & a Live Auction for the coveted No. 001 Nordlys Ltd. Share!

Nordlys might just be the Oldest Cargo Ship in the world – and it’s time for her to get back to work.
6th of November 2013

Below is a picture of Capt. Jorne Langelaan giving the Fair Transport/Tres Hombres presentation in Rotterdam on Nov. 6, 2013 for the SAIL conference. He called for radical change, and was the most animated speaker of the entire two days. The slide shown reflects the two-track approach of ship types: Dynarig, traditional vessel. (text: www.culturechange.org)

20 October 2013

Fairtransport message comes to the UK:
Captain of emission free cargo vessel and shipping company Fairtransport is coming to London, Falmouth and Bristol

As part of a promotional tour for clean transport, the Dutch activist, entrepreneur and captain, Jorne Langelaan, is coming to the UK. He will be speaking in: London, Bonnington Centre Community Association, 11 Vauxhall Grove, on Monday, October 21st beginning at 7 p.m. and in Falmouth in Miss Peapods Cafe at the Jubilee Wharf, Penryn, Cornwall, the 24th of October 2013 beginning at 8 pm.

21st of July 2013
-Fairtransport arranged special transfer for cargo bound for Terschelling – When Tres Hombres arrived at the “Reede van Texel” today she transfered 5 tons of seasalt on the clipper Avontuur. while being anchored at the “Reede van Texel” ,Netherlands. Clipper Avontuur will sail the cargo of salt to her final destination , Terschelling, Netherlands. >>READ More (dutch)

June 2013
The Dutch Skûtsje Geertje Rosa moves cargo over the Dutch waters to Germany. This cargo is first brought by Tres Hombres to The Netherlands and further shipped to Roermond by Geertje Rosa, this is organized in cooperation with Fairtransport Shipping and vereniging zeilvracht. >> Read more (dutch)

One of the founders of Fairtransport , Andreas Lackner, speaking at TEDX

Adventurer with green vision meets in the year 2000 the 2 missing links for a strong triangle,
Tres Hombres: the thinker Jorne, the dreamer Arjen and the doer Andreas. Result was the
start of Fairtransport. text: TEDX

“DwarsDenker” Jorne Langelaan in een intervieuw voor het tijdschrift “Nieuwezijds”
“Weg met de containerschepen, vervoer per zeilschip is de enige eerlijke manier van
transport over water”. Lees het intervieuw op www.nzmagazine.nl

May 10, 2013
Exhibition at the ship S@il
Come and have a look during the open day.

The 10th of May , from 09.00 until 16.30 , there will be an open day at the office of Fairtransport from 9.00 tot 16.30 uur. There will be a small exhibition of the Sailing cargo vessel Tres Hombres made by one of her captains: Jorne Langelaan.
>> read more about the open days..Click here (dutch)

The 10th of May , from 09.00 until 16.30
Willemsoord 73, Den Helder

The project S@il SAIL aims to develop innovative, effective and efficient, sustainable transnational sailing solutions using less, or even no fossil fuels, bearing in mind future rising oil prices, climate change and logistic problems. >>Read more

March 13, 2013
Propultion test Ecoliner in TU Delft
Click here for pictures

November 2, 2012
EU Interregg SAIL: Hybrid Sailing cargo vessels
From July 2012 to June 2015, 17 partners from 7 North Sea countries will work on this project to stimulate and facilitate the transition process towards a sustainable shipping sector with focus on zero emission freight sailing. It has a budget of € 3,4 million. The participating partners are the province of Fryslân, knowledge institutes, universities and ship operators from The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, United Kingdom and France.
>> Read more …

October 2, 2012
Revolution in Sail cargo shipping: Tailwind from Europe
Three visionaries set off to solve one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time: the more than one billion tons of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere each year by freighters. With their ship Tres Hombres, Andreas Lackner, Arjen van der Veen and Jorne Langelaan are already demonstrating how profitable a sailing freighter can be. But their vision for tomorrow goes further: along with the yacht maker Dykstra, they’re developing a high-tech sailing ship that can carry dozens of industrial containers and be navigated by a single crewmember. The key is in innovative software, fed with data the three men have gathered from old captains and the seafarers of bygone times. The three visionaries draw upon the wealth of experience from the past in order to save the world of tomorrow.
>> Read more …

Mei 11, 2012
Project duurzame vrachtvaart /Sail door EU goedgekeurd
Het Europese programma interreg heeft 3.4 miljoen euro beschikbaar gesteld voor het project SAIL. Doel van SAIL is het ontwikkelen van duurzaam vrachtvervoer over zee. Onderdeel van het project is de realisatie van verschillende pilots met hybride aangedreven zeeschepen.
>> Lees verder …
Febuary 28th 2012
Langzaam varen vermindert uitstoot en bespaart kosten
10% langzamer varen bespaart 19% uitstoot. Dit blijkt uit onderzoek van het Nederlandse onafhankelijke onderzoeksbureau CE Delft. De milieuorganisaties Seas At Risk en Transport & Environment maakte dit op 28 februari bekend bij de Internationale Maritieme Organisatie in Londen. Ze vertegenwoordigen daar een groep van acht internationale milieuorganisaties, waaronder Stichting De Noordzee, om te pleiten voor uitstoot reductie van de zeevaart.
>> Lees verder …

January 6th 2012
Raffinaderijen bottleneck zwavelnorm
De strenge emissie-eisen waaraan de zeevaart in 2015 (SECA-gebieden 0,1% zwaveloxide) en 2020 (overige gebieden 0,5% zwaveloxide) moet voldoen, leiden waarschijnlijk tot nog hogere brandstofkosten en problemen bij het raffinageproces.
>> Lees verder …

December 25th 2011
Beatrix breekt lans voor milieu en hekelt geldzucht
Koningin Beatrix heeft in haar jaarlijkse kerstboodschap een lans gebroken voor het milieu. Door de onrust over geld krijgen zaken als duurzaam omgaan met onze planeet minder aandacht.
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November 16th 2011
Follow-up: FairTransport
Did you know that the world’s 16 largest ships produce as much emissions as all the cars in the world? Since Jorne Langelaan spoke at TEDxAmsterdam 2010 we know what to do: stop using engines and start using sails. Jorne told Tim how things are with FairTransport, one of five ideas supported by Ideas Worth Doing.

It wasn’t easy to reach Jorne because at this very moment he’s sailing the Tres Hombres, a cargo ship using wind as it’s only fuel. When Jorne answered my questions he just arrived in Porto, where the ship will host an event about sustainability in Portugal.
>> Read more …

October 6th 2011
Ideas Worth Doing – Dutch province Fryslân backs Ecoliner
In a – for our FairTransport team certainly – momentous speech in Leeuwarden last Thursday, John Jorritsma, Commissioner to the Queen, announced that the province of Fryslân will actively back the Idea Worth Doing: Ecoliner. A cash injection of 150 thousand euro’s is provided to help get that first ship built. And furthermore, the province has applied for European money as well, bringing the end target of 15 million euro’s closer in reach.
>> Read more …

Bouw zeilend containerschip kan in Harlingen
Harlingen is de ideale plaats om te starten met de bouw van zeilende zeevrachtschepen. Dergelijke vrachtvaarders kunnen de helft aan brandstof besparen. Gedeputeerde Staten trekken er 150.000 euro voor uit om de bouw van het eerste schip op weg te helpen. Dat zei Commissaris van de Koningin John Jorritsma vandaag bij de opening van de Noordzeedagen in Leeuwarden.
>> Lees verder …

July 4th 2011
Nederlanders komen met eerste hybride zeilvrachtschip
Hun bedrijf Fairtransport brengt het allereerste hybride zeilvrachtschip, de Ecoliner, op de markt. Andreas Lackner, Arjen van der Veen en Jorne Langelaan vervoeren sinds 2009 goederen per zeilend vrachtschip onder het begrip ‘fairtransport’.
>> Lees verder …

June 21st 2011
Nederlanders willen zeevervoer vergroenen “Hybride vrachtschip is groen en zuinig”
Drie Nederlandse zeilers gaan de concurrentie aan met alle grote motorvrachtschepen.
Artikel in het Algemeen dagblad.
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June 19th 2011
A 90ft ketch, moored in the shadow of London’s Tower Bridge this May, contained more than 9,000 bottles of claret, sailed from Bordeaux.

June 8th 2011
TEDX Amsterdam Blogpost: WE ARE SAILING – More than just a classic sing-along
Read more >> http://www.tedxamsterdam.com/doing/fairtransport/

May 28th 2011
Fairtransport groeit door naar duurzame handelsvloot
Lees verder:

March 30th 2011
De Zero Emission Vervoerde Rum van Tres Hombres, Wubbo Ockels, Het Duurzame zeilschip, Sail 2010 Amsterdam

Febuari 9th 2011
Fairtransport meets Minister Maxime Verhagen
Captain, President Fair Transport Arjen van der Veen met last week Minister Maxime Verhagen at a sustainable congres. The first meeting with the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation is the first step towards a lasting relationship with the ministry. The purpose of this Cabinet in 2020 CO2 20% less emission, is feasible with 300 Ecoliner hybrid sailing ships.
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Januari 28th 2011
Traditional Sailing Vessel Inter-Island By Lisa Davis-Burnett
Unlike the few remaining tall ships that are meant for display or charter, Tres Hombres is a working boat, making money the way boats of her type have for centuries, hauling cargo. I had the chance to see the boat first hand this week, and meet her very interesting crew.
>> Lees verder …

Januari 23th 2011
How 16 ships create as much pollution as all the cars in the world By Fred Pearce
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1229857/How-16-ships-create-pollution-cars-world.html#ixzz1BtUUYGxm


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