Every day learning (By captain Anne-Flore Gannat)

After a bright moony night, in which we cut all the kilos of pears we still had from Den Helder, the morning was sunny.

Just before daylight we had to jibe. Bracing from portside beam reach to starboard beam is an operation.
The one who has to ease the braces must follow the sail above when the leeward side is taking the slack out. One step was missing this morning, while very motivated pullers were on the other side.  So the top gallant broke.
Two hours to stitch on the second platform and 30 min to set back the lashings, clew and sheet.

We went slower today and most of us saw a whale. From the mast, she was turquoise under the thin transparent water, swimming faster than us pushed by the wave, wahoo worst it to be aloft.

Some oiling has been done too on the railing and mooring cleats. One is seasick at time but not too bad.

At 18h00 before the dark we sat 2 reefs in the main ready to catch up on Gallant. Uper bob doused as well.


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