Day’s in Marie Galante by Flufeee

It is great to be back at sea. I mean I am not complaining about the two weeks on anchor of Marie Galante, which had such daily chores as having to sleep in my hammock rigged beneath the main stay sail boom, or on waking up as the sun rose over the lushness of the jungle and the whiteness of the nearby beach, having to dive into the crystal soothing warm water and swim around the proud hull of this mighty ship  often  accompanied by small schools of fish and on one time a four foot barracuda hung under the stern just watching.

Each morning after five laps of the ship I would climb up the water stay and sit on the Andreas seat beneath the Bowsprit and meditate as the sun dried me. Then ready for the day ahead, I would climb back aboard and eat a hearty breakfast.  Each day had such activities as cutting bamboo from around a small pool next to the distillery that our shipment of rum was coming from, this bamboo was then taken in three or four van loads to the beach nearest our anchorage, here over the next week, following our Captain’s design, between us we built a trimaran with mast and deck space for two barrels. Other activities included a tour of the distillery, walks through the lush island, partying with the really super friendly family and friends of the distillery, moving twelve rum barrels by  three carts pulled by 6 giant oxen, moving the twelve barrels of fine rum by trimaran and pontoon out to the ship, to the great amusement of the locals, tasting the  local food, sailing the sailing dinghy up and down the coast, going out dancing. Generally all round a most wonderful time while promoting the ethos and importance of fare transport A pretty great set of activities….

With a heartfelt goodbye to our new friends we set sail and are now four days in and are  nearing Boca Chica.

Yesterday I spent the day telling all the crew that we would be seeing dolphins later and as the day was ending I found a copy of the National Geographic which has a wonderful article on dolphins and when one of the crew said to me with a grin ‘Where are these dolphins you said we would all see’ I showed them the article i was looking at but then also heard myself say ‘they on there way, they  are just late’.
This morning of the starboard was a pod of Risso dolphins swimming alongside in answer to my call……..

by Flufeee

DATE: 19-01-16 GMT: 1700 POS: 17º53’N, 68º14’W COG:290º  SOG:7.5kts
WIND DIR:north-east
WIND SPD:15kts
CURRENT DIR:west 0.5kts (we spent few hours with no wind last night)
CLOUDS:nimbus cumulus 1/8
SEA STATE:calm to moderate
AIR PRES:1019hPa

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