Crossing the ocean 4 times a year..


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Dear landlubbers, sailors & salty shellbacks,

Because Tres Hombres has more cargo to carry than she can carry during one Atlantic circumnavigation,  she will be sailing around the Atlantic Ocean twice next year !

The last years we’ve been working together with some amazing people and (small) businesses to fill up the cargohold of Tres Hombres. We’ve come to the conclusion that there is a lot more Fair Cargo to carry in a Fair Transport way across the Ocean.And that is what we will do!!

Until we’ve found / build a bigger Clipper Ship (more about this you’ll hear beginning of 2015), Tres Hombres will be sailing to the Carribean twice a year to pick up rum, chocolate, tea, cocao, and lots more. You can move your products with us or sail along with the ship >> check

Check our schedules for more information! or Click here to Download


A few the companies who shipped their product with Tres Hombres already..


rosforth & rosforth

olde ambeacht Authentiek gerookt op terschelling



xisto wines bristol

Tres Hombres Austria - Sellers of our Fairtransport products in Austria


new dawn



rum bottles

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