Cacao-beans, Rum in barrels, Green coffee and Melasse

Ahoy sailors-friends,

Tres Hombres is at the moment in Dominican Republic.
All the cargo arrived and is stowed properly in the belly of the beautiful sailing-ship.
Cacao-beans, Rum in barrels, Green coffee and Melasse.
All delicious and fair products from this interesting island.
We will sail our way back to Europe, and once again we will proof that transport by sail just works.
All the people on board have so much fun and are working very hard on the cargo and the ship.
Every body is exciting to sail all this products over the Atlantic back home.
First we will make another stop in the Acores to take some more cargo.
At the moment we are ready to set sail, but an intense weather-system is passing by south of Hispaniola.
We will wait till this has passed by to the west and depart when the winds are more in our favour.
I already wrote about the isolated thunderstorms, well over here we have them every day.
We even had a lightning strike on our mast. No damage except for one navigation light, which is all the way on the top.
Indeed it is interesting weather over here in the summer.
Best greetings and good luck to all of you.

Next news when we are back at sea.

Captain Lammert and crew

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