Arriving in Boca Chica By Wiebe Radstake

When we left Marie Galante a few days ago I saw the crew like I wanted again: pump up the anchor and work together to get our beautiful ship sailing. four days of downwind sailing and a very nice atmosphere on board.  three new trainees so a lot to learn for them, a good lesson before we go back on the Atlantic Ocean to the Horta. But first we need to go to the last harbor in the Caribbean: Boca Chica.

On Marie Galante we anchored and loaded the barrels of rum with a little help of bulls, rafts and the local population. This will be different in The Dominican Republic. We gonna be in the cargo harbor as a professional cargo ship. Behind fences and in the middle of the tourists place Boca Chica where Americans go the lay on the beach, burn down and fly back to the busy life in the States.

Yesterday we approached the harbor of Andres, near to Boca Chica. To go in this harbor, you have to sail around some cliffs, rocks and the entrance is really narrow. We gave a good explanation, we where coming from the east downwind, we had to go up north halfwind and then around the rocks full on by into the harbor to moor with the last speed we had. One hour before we started to brace we had a telephone call from the harbor. They asked for a paper, we think they had this paper already, what to do? Without this paper we could not go into this harbor. It was getting dark now, we called our agent.

The day after was a day free for all the officials in the Dominican Republic so our agent could not contact the harbor office anymore. Twenty minutes to go, in the bay of Boca Chica, it was dark now. Everything prepared: mooring lines, anchors, tug lines etc. The red and green buoy’s where now very close. No response from the harbor. No place to anchor around here, the only option: let’s go sailing…

And our new crew is working good: within twenty minutes we set all sails, sailed full on by and could just sail out of the bay, on our leeward the big harbors of The Dominican Republic very close. And when the Tres Hombres is sailing full on by you know why you are living: sailing, your head in the wind and see the sea with a nice nearly full moon shining. It was a pity to not go in the harbor for this day but a ship and a good crew belong to the sea: there they do what they have to do: sail a beautiful ship like this.

By Wiebe Radstake

DATE:21-01-16  GMT:1800  POS: Anchored at Isla Catalina, Republica Dominicana
WIND DIR:east 10
WIND SPD:10 kts
AIR PRES:1017 hPa

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