All is well on board Tres Hombres

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On board the sun is shining and the crew are singing.

The Captain commented yesterday that we have Caribbean weather.

Joel are most agile climber and deckhand has spent most of the day yesterday in the rigging leaping from line to line fastening blocks and adjusting the stun sails and booms.

Clearly in another life he was circus acrobat!

Our new cook Aysa has settled in well and is producing delicious meals with all the wonderful provisions we were able to source in Brittany from the farmers market.

During the day we spotted a shark, a sun fish and a pod of dolphins in a fishing frenzy. Sadly our attempts at fishing have not been so successful… Maybe today we will find something on our hooks!

Or current position is 18 miles south of Portland in the UK. We are skirting the south of England and heading up towards the Dover Strait passing wave after wave of cargo ships and tankers. Sailing along on a sunny day!


Captain Arjen

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