Ahoy sailors and landsmen,

Ahoy sailors and landsmen,

The 31st of juli I arrived in Copenhagen to take over the ship from Arjen.
¨En route¨ to Rostock there was time to go to Copenhagen and already unload
ten thousand bottles of biodynamic wine from France. Since the bottles were
on top of the barrels we had to bring to Rostock, the unplanned stop in Copenhagen
fitted perfectly in the schedule. The always warm welcome by Sune Rosforth and
his companions we experienced this time again. We had a delicious meal and could taste
a very fine wine after the unloading.

[pe2-image src=”http://lh6.ggpht.com/-fPoFHVTeq7I/U6pgB4y4MnI/AAAAAAAATGo/9VhdSyWG9c4/s144-o/Tres%252520Hombres_5.jpg” href=”https://picasaweb.google.com/115708303721051601150/DropBox#6028736636730749554″ caption=”Tres Hombres by Frans Sanderse Pilot at Latana” type=”image” alt=”Tres Hombres_5.jpg” ]

Next day we sailed out with a start push of tugboat ¨Thor¨, heading for Rostock.
It took us about twenty four hours to drop our anchor, just outside the harbor entrance.
The day after we had time to make ship shape and then sailed towards the tugboat, which had
a film crew on board. In the evening we were moored. Two days later the festival Hanse Sail Rostock
would start. Because Rostock became the title ¨Fair Trade City¨, Tres Hombres, as a fair transport ship,
was a special attraction in the harbor and been put in the spotlights. A lot of people came by to visit
the ship, interested in our our story andour fair traded & transported products, which we had for sale
on our market. Hopefully we inspired all of them by sharing our ideals. Meanwhile they could enjoy a
piece of Tres Hombres chocolate or a glas of rum.Some friends from Berlin came by and were selling
icecream made of Tres Hombres chocolate,and a mojito made of raw sugarcane and Tres Hombres rum.
Even though we had to unload the barrels early in the morning, still a lot of people came by to witness
heaving out the barrels wine out of the cargohold of the beautiful sailing vessel by man power. A spectacle,
most probably never been seen since a hundred years in the Hanse Stadt ¨Rostock¨.
All together our first visit to Rostock was a big succes, many thanks to Sabine who did all the pre arrival work.

The 11th of august the tugboat came to help us out and we set sail for Copenhagen again. We sailed very fast and
because we were early and the weather was so beautiful, we sailed for one more day, before anchoring at the harbor
entrance. Copenhagen is a beautiful city and very ecological minded, especially with food.
Here we had to unload the last three barrels of biodynamic wine and load empty bottles for re-use in France.
The whole crew enjoyed our staying very much, we had a good time, big fun and made amasing friends.
Sune, thank you.

Meanwhile we are sailing in the Skagerrak heading for Scotland. We had to wait two days because of stormy weather,
but now proceeding well. This morning we had fresh mackerel slightly fried by our good cook Wessel. We just stopped fishing
because we had enough.Plenty of fish in the Northsea!!!. Happy sailing and all the love and luck for everybody.


DATE:23-08 GMT:12.03 POS:57.49 N,7.58 W COG:320 SOG:4.5






SEA STATE:moderate




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