A day of a trainee by Jakob

Friday the 12th of February
It’s a quarter to 4 O’clock in the morning, the Focsle got woken up with a little report of what is going on, on deck.
We have little wind so it’s a relaxed watch and we are enjoying an amazing star sky.
Because of the light wind we doused most of the sails so they cannot flap around all the time.
I really like the last night watch, you have a little bit of all, the night and the hours with the first daylight and also most of the time an beautiful sunrise.
At 7:15 we wake up the other watch and pumping the bilges.
After the Port-side watch had breakfast our watch is done, it’s now 8 o’clock and everybody is looking forward to 5 hours of sleep.
In the long break most of the time I’m not able to sleep until they wake us up.
It’s the same on this day i got up at 12 o’clock and enjoy an hour of relaxing that is not really easy because the wind is picking up and all guys of the other watch are busy with setting sails.
For the lunch Giuseppe cooked fried Bananas and breadfruit, Humus, Eggs and tomato salad that we are enjoying all together.
Then we started our watch and doing some maintenance, washing our clothes and Sailing the Tres Hombres with 6 knots full on by to the north.
Before the sunset we are tacking with an ‘Wear ship’ that means that you first fall off then doing a jibe and then go back on full on by on the other side, it’s easier than doing a normal tack and we are only six guys on deck at this time.
At 8 O’clock the releasing command ‘Starboard watch stood down’ comes from Wiebe and we go for a nice Italian dinner to the Galley.
Afterwards i went quickly back into the Foc’sle to my bed where i fall asleep thinking that we are already one week sailing.

The next watch will be on Saturday,
so my Report is over.
Greetings to everybody at home,
I’m having a great time and enjoying the freedom of sailing on the Atlantic.

DATE: 13-02-16 GMT:1600  POS: 23º30′ N,61º41 W COG:35º  SOG:4 kts
WIND DIR:east-south-east
WIND SPD:2 beaufort
CURRENT DIR:north-west
CLOUDS:cumulonimbus, altostratus

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