SV Zeehaen

we are building our ship

Francois, one of the captains of the Tres Hombres, his brother Raphael and Gregory founded the company LES FRÈRES DE LA CÔTE SARL in 2015.

LES FRÈRES DE LA CÔTE SARL is also our French wholesaler for the
Tres Hombres Rum.
Francois has the dream of building his own sailing cargo ship to expand the Fairtransport Fleet.

Raphael, Francois, Gregory

Zeehaen history

Francois spent two years looking for a hull suitable for a sailing freighter. He finally found and bought the Zeehaen in the Netherlands.
Before ending up in the Netherlands, the Zeehaen was a cod fishing Ship off the coast of Newfoundland in Canada.

Currently, the the ship being completed in Amsterdam.

                                                                                              Raphael, Francois, Gregory

Zeehaen specifications

  • Built: 1949 Dieppe FR
  • Sailwork: Brigantine
  • Length complete: 42 meters
  • Length of deck: 31 meters
  • Draught: 4.50 meters
  • Cargo capacity: 120 tons / 150 m3
  • Maximum number of sails: 13
  • Professional crew: 7
  • Trainees: 8

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