April 11, 2023
- Logbook
Tres Hombres

The Water Dragon (Rymke Boonstra)


Drags us around

Carries us

Spears us 

Holds us 

Caresses us

Kneads us

Smashes us

Wobbles us

Shakes us

She breaks us

Makes us 


Envelopes us

Surrounds us

Beholds us 

She brings us Home 

She is our Home 

Our beloved Friend

Our wooden Friend


She dances us 

She is dancing 

Through the waves 



Cracking what have to be cracked

She has her own will

Her beautiful nose 

Searching the Winds

You have to bring her Home 

She goes wild 

Where the wind is 

She goes...

She flows

She knows 

Pure Spirit

Pure Life 


The Winged Life

Life is a Wave 

We give Wings to our Dreams 

Roots to our Soul

We are

Planting Seeds

For tomorrow 

Sailing into Golden Sunsets 

Sailing through Storms 

Opening for new life

Every moment

Navigating in the Presence 


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