March 5, 2021
- Log
Tres Hombres

On board the Tres Hombres (by Cas Welling)

While the other part of my watch team has started making a ditty bag (tar bag) – which contains almost all the rope and sewing techniques – I am writing a few words for those back home and others interested in our trip.

After a few days of acclimatization in the Dominican Republic, I boarded the ship. The hold was not yet filled at the time, but with combined efforts, tons of cocoa beans and rum barrels were hoisted into it. The latter in particular benefits from this so-called dynamic aging; the fermented beans must remain dry.

To continue with the watch team, it consists of 5 people. We run a shift of 3 x 4 hours from 8 pm and 2 x 6 hours from 8 am. This means there is always a crew ready while the other team tries to find peace. We left Boca Chica a week ago with an international group. We have had some delays but are now sailing into the Atlantic Ocean with all 11 sails hoisted. The storm ropes were removed this morning as the sea has now also become calmer. An upwind course sends us in a northerly direction, if we enter another pressure area in a few days we will be able to sail further east with more speed.

Yesterday we had an unexpected guest at the table, a barracuda who was tempted to take a bite of a yellow rubber hanging from the boat.
This predatory fish of about half a meter was fresh on our plate exactly 2 hours later as an extra side dish.

English is also the language on board, which took some getting used to with some commands: 'prepare for tack' or 'get out the slack'. All lines are a challenge, no colored lines like on a pleasure yacht, here it is all ocher colored and there are dozens of lines hanging on both sides of the ship. I'll leave aside how that goes at night.

Apart from the views of the sea and sky, the food is the highlight of the day that I and others look forward to every time.
No alcohol of course, but I don't miss it. Last days we had a full moon. When the ship tacks and you look up to see if the sail is folding properly and you see the stars looming in front of you, not dozens but hundreds, as if you were pulling aside a curtain, that is such a beautiful moment of happiness.


Cas W.


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