Tres Hombres Welcome Back Party 9th of June


Ahoy friends! After seven months and several thousand miles Tres Hombres is almost back in Amsterdam.
Our engineless sailing cargo ship rounded the Atlantic for the 10th time. Her belly full with cacao beans, coffee and barrels of our finest Tres Hombres Rum.
On the 9th of June at 1PM we are going to unload our brigantine. Come and join us. Visit the ship, meet the captain and crew and of course taste the sailshipped Rum, Coffee and Chocolate!
Tres Hombres will be moored near the Aambeeldstraat 10 in Amsterdam Noord. If you have any questions please contact


You are invited to taste the flavours of the new world in a very special ambience, the cargo hold of the sailing ship Tres Hombres.
In the company of Captain Andreas Lackner, you will be entertained with stories of sailing the seas, while you enjoy the taste of the celebrated Tres Hombres Rum Collection and the ships cook spoils you with exotic delights.
Please reservate your spot by sending us an email with your 1) Name 2) phone number 3) how many people 4) and date to:
The masterclass is from 20.00 – 22.00PM on 4th and 5th of June in Amsterdam Noord.
The night includes several exquisite rums and some bites at €39 p.p.
Check out this link for more information about Tres Hombres Rum:



The need for wine from Rioja and the Bordeaux region sends our good ship Tres Hombres on a unexpected voyage in June and July from Amsterdam to Royan, Douarnenez and back this summer.
If you want to experience a coastal cargo voyage on a square rigger without engine with co-founder and captain Andreas Lackner, then come and join in!
Landlubbers will get sea legs, and old salts wil get a glimpse of how it was in the good days and how it will be!
For more info sail along or email



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