Tres Hombres blog: Troubles to sleep in this four to five meters waves

DATE: 13-04-17 GMT : 0505 POS: 49-01.3 N, 018-47.6 W COG: Variable SOG: 0.1

The wind is starting to come down a little bit and the sailors can now hope to get dry a bit. It has been very wet and quite cold for us in the last two days and many had troubles to sleep in this four to five meters waves.
We are now entering a stationary high pressure area and we can expect to slow down a lot. At least we will have dry feet and be able to work on the boat a bit.

First mate Remi

Flaping in the center of a high pressure. Please send big greetings to all office and Nordlys crew-
Tell tramp his fleet is ready to sail from port.
Hope to see you all in Amsterdam.

Second mate Shimra and all

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