Tres Hombres blog: Fast furious or Rasta rocket ?

For 2 days we saw our Tres going fast without outerjib, bobs and royal sailing closed haul. All safety nets and safety lines are in place, the automatic deck wash was done in the morning with waves and always nothing in the bilges.
Keep your body in balance, hold on as much as you can and walk windward side… Rules, redeem and tasks can be annoying but you understand quickly why this is exist after your first artistic twisted slide magic flip. Crew stayed aware and gave in the warm galley all jokes what they have, all creativity for making little animals with the sourdough, enjoying to furl sails on the bow sprit…
Now, in the same world, mother nature saying relax women and men. Sun on the skin, books in hands, butterflies in the heads, real and psychedelics drawings are done with the melody of guitar… Our bird wearing 11 wings, sailing broad reach, a little taste of Atlantic crossing.
We shared opinions about the new mustard yellow paint and then anyway there is no more old sunny duck yellow paint and we are just happy to see the lady feeling good after years of travels even we were stick on the wet paint at the dinner time when you are arriving sleepy for watch change… Hahaha. Of course many things has to be refresh during the next refit.
First :let’s go slowly to rum tasting in Texel and Sail Den Helder…

Anne-Flore second mate

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