The time stop in Marie Galante by Captain Francois Mangin

DATE:16-01-2016  GMT:1430  POS:16º12’N, 62º58’W COG:280º  SOG:5kts
WIND SPD:10kts
CLOUDS:nimbus cumulus 1/8
AIR PRES:1018hPa

The Time stop in Marie Galante

At first, I wish you all the best for this new year 2016
Also thank you to follow us one more year in this great adventure which is Cargo Sailing

Yeh it’s a little late, but the web log’s title explain why

Two and half weeks ago, Tres Hombres dropped his anchor in the bay of Saint Louis
A small village located on the windward side of Marie Galante

After squaring the deck, cleaning the ship and the sailors
We went on shore to visit the island

Dominique, Bielle distillery’s President, was on the beach to welcome us
A great man
Since 40 year, he’s distilling rum with passion and respect for his island
All his sugar cane is cut by hand
The “Bagasse” (sugar cane left over after the juice extraction)
Is used to boil the distillation column
All the liquid wast are treated on a bio dynamic way
And so many details who make one of the best rum

Without peer deep enough for Tres Hombres, (we need at lees 3 meter of water)
We had to load the barrels from the beach
nothing impossible for Tres Hombres Crew
Let build a bamboo trimaran to bring the barrels on board from the beach

After measuring the density of the rum at the distillery
We load it on 3 wooden cars pulled buy 2 beefs each
The locals call them beefs (charette a boeufs in French)
But 2 big details let me think that they are Bulls 🙂

A long road bellow a 40º sun in front of us
I didn’t expect the beefs so clever
They understand the voice of the driver
And walk backward to park the charette like a modern car
They wasn’t here for the cameras
They really working like that all year long
In Marie Galante,the Time stop at the Golden Age of Sail Cargo

Rolling the barrels on the sand to the bamboo raft
Was one the best moment in a seaman life
Many people from the island was on deck to give us hands
Few 2-6 after the rum was on deck
The sun was bellow the Course Yard
Time for testing the cargo

Rum from pure cane juice
Aged 8 years in American Bourbon Oak Barrels
Simply delicious

We are now back at sea,
rolling gently in the Caribbean sea
Bonding for Santo Domingo
We’ll fill up the Hold with the best goods
And will sail back to Europe

Greetings From the good schoonerbrig Tres Hombres


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