Sunday is holiday

Nordlys report

Date : Sunday 25 September 2016
Position : 53*50’N 3*41,4’E , 65 nM North north west of Den Helder
Speed & course : 7 kts to north north east
Wind speed & direction : West 15 to 20 kts
Sea state : calm to moderate with short 1 m swell
Sky state : mostly cirrocumulus

Sunday on Nordlys is holly day, nobody work
All crew can practice his hobby: sailing
Last night with 25 kts back wind
Flying and Outer jibs fitted with one reef in the Main
The port side watch did put the top speed at 10.14 Kts
Today half wind, to get more speed and better balance at the helm
we did built a mizzen fore stay sail
no more canvas in the hold
We sailing to reach the Skagerrak as soon as possible


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