Tres Hombres Rum Ed. 48 Premium Dominican Rum 70cl.

Edition: 48
Content: 70 cl.
Alcohol: 43% vol
Taste: Caramel & honey
Aged: 18 years on Bourbon barrels (Solera System) & 4 months onboard in Sherry Oloroso, Moscatel and wine barrels.
Transport: 2021, 4 months
Ship: Tres Hombres
Voyage: From the Dominican Republic, via the Azores back to Amsterdam
Distance: 4.142 NM
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Tres Hombres Republica Dominicana Rum 70cl. Solera system 18yr.

Sherry oloroso, Moscatel, and wine barrels captured this fine rum from the house Oliver & Oliver for a special Tres Hombres finish. But first, the rum was aged using the Solera system in Bourbon barrels.
Almost 5000 miles of sailing over the North Atlantic ocean supplied enough adventure to give this rum ever-changing excellence on arrival in Amsterdam.
As many people know Oliver & Oliver use the Solera system to mature the rums.
The truth is that the word ‘Solera’ reveals much about the Rum before you’ve even tasted it.
So, how does the Solera system work?

The Solera system was first conceived in Spain and has been used for many different liquids, Sherry being the most obvious, and balsamic vinegar perhaps the most surprising. The goal was (and still is) the creation of a consistent, reliable, and therefore quality product.

In Spanish, solera means “on the ground”.  And when it comes to aging liquids in this particular way, the barrels are organized in rows from the ground up, with the lowest layer of barrels containing the oldest aged liquid.

The next row of barrels is called first criaderas (or “nurseries” – the translation really tells you all you need to know) and contains the intermediate average age and the second criaderas, the highest level in a three-row setup – will contain the youngest average age liquid.

Solera System

Each bottle is lavishly decorated with motifs from the Tres Hombres and their travels. The design with the small handle is reminiscent of old, maritime times. Closed with a natural cork and sealed with beeswax. Each variety has its own color. To achieve this, the wax is mixed with color pigments that are ground from natural raw materials in a traditional windmill in Zaandam.


This beautiful rum has the smell of exotic fruits. The taste is a bit sweeter and has a great strong aftertaste!

By the way, the chocolate from Tres Hombres with 75% cocoa is a great companion for this rum.


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