Tres Hombres Rum Ed. 44 La Palma bio 43% vol, 70cl

Edition: 44
Inhalt: 70 cl
Alcohol: 43% vol
Geschmack: Fruity
Transport: 2020-2021, 6 months
Schiff: Tres Hombres
Reise: La Palma to Amsterdam
Seemeilen: 8.590 NM
SKU: FA21014470


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La Palma bio, the youngest of Tres Hombres Rum family

This rum was distilled by family-owned business Destilerias Aldea (1936), they stand for the unquestionable symbols of quality, craftsmanship & tradition.

The main ingredient of this rum is organic sugar cane. This grows on the windy hills at the northeast side of La Palma, La Isla Bonita of the Canaries. The cane is harvested in May, fermented, and distilled shortly after. This fresh and smooth rum rested a few months at the distillery in 80-year old, wood-fired copper kettles.

6 months of aging in the Aldea Distillery on La Palma prepared this rum for its sailing voyage of almost 10.000 miles over the Atlantic Ocean.

Albillo Criollo wine barrels infused their spirit during 6 months onboard for a memorable finish.

The rum’s nose is very pronounced and fruity for a young rum. The taste of the rum is very distinct for its kind, which clearly shows the fullness of sugar cane. The finish is nice, warm, and long.

 This young rum is delicious to drink pure, and it is also fantastic for cocktails.


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