The only Transatlantic engine-less cargo vessel Tres Hombres is visiting the port of Santa Crus de La Palma again. The flagship of Fairtransport B.V. Shipping and Trading, based in the Netherlands sails it´s sixth consecutive eight months lasting voyage.

The trip started in October in the Netherlands and will end in June 2015. Ports in Norway, the U.K. France and Portugal have yet been attended. Ahead are the Cape Verdian Islands, Belem in Brasil, the Caribbean Islands of Trinidad & Tobago, Grenada, Bonaire and the Dominican Republic to load, among other things, rum, cacao beans, coffee and chocolate bars. On the way back the Tres Hombres will visit the Açores, Ireland,the U.K again, Belgium and the journey will end where it started in the Netherlands.
To start a revolution in cargo sailing two Dutch and an Austrian sailing friends founded the company, built the Tres Hombres and started Fairtransport: emission free transport of sustainable products by wind power only. On board are now ten barrels of French wine, which stay in the hold for app. 10 months to age. On La Palma two 220 liter barrels of tasty rum from the company Aldea will be loaded.

The hold also contains an amount of gymnastic devices for the Paint a Future/Sail a Future project of the Dutch artist Hetty van der Linden.

For more information; or directly on the ship. Cleem Doedens, Fairtransport Communications.

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