Nordlys: earlier episodes: 18th of August 2014

The Mysterious Ways of Life (18th of August)

We have one day to prepare for the exile of the generator. The blue monster can produce 24 KVa, makes 22 KW. With this we can run a little village or luminate the whole Willemsoord area.
This is way too much for what the Nordlys IV needs. So the beast had to come out.
Now we can finally clear out the engine room and make futher preparations for the foundation of the new deckhouse, which means it’s time for the oak to get on the scene.
 We put hands to work on the floorbeams, but progression can only be made if we are able to sneak in the woodshop.
“ Suddenly in a kind of mysterious way the key of that workshop refuses to open the doors… Somewhere in a hidden lair a smith melts in secret a certified replica, but nobody knows when the new key will shine in our eyes…”
And now we are ready for the oak and larch. With this wood we may continue building up the transom. And with oak we can start making new frames to reinforce the hull, the base for the deckhouse, and the hatches which demand an impeccably solid watertight construction…
Jeroen windels, volunteer Nordlys VI
The generator

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