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The Nordlys just rigged outside the harbour while Leaving Noirmoutier on 01 may ’18 …

The departure was quite a happening… in many ways a beautiful connection was build between the locals and the Nordlyscrew due their 3 days stay.
Nordlys had delevered several prodructs for a customer on the Island. And there was also some trade with an other traditional boat from the Island.
Many locals were rather emotional when the Nordlys left the harbour and waved Us out with a lot of tears, yells, waving and the noise of Horns. What a happening!!

A historical ship like Nordlys is a magnet for photografers ofcourse..
Also her history and the way she’s still going strong as emissionfree cargovessel that ships Wonderfull Fairtrade products in European waters.

The galley is a very important place on board the Nordlys…
Of course in the first place the galley is the domain of the ship’s cook to prepare meals, every day, sometimes in the most difficult circumstances like high swell.

Its also the place where the crew eats and finds a moment of rest.
We were fortunate to have Jeroen Windels on board as a ship’s cook.
Every day Jeroen surprised us with the most delicious dishes prepared with only organic products (and fish caught by him).. allways illustrated with a short story/explanation to the relevant dish.
So valueble to have such a great cook on board.. deep respect for his Art of cooking!

When we left it was all bright and shiny…
Later that Night we picked up more wind and slowly it became like a ‘rollercoaster’ to me when we step up the Atlantic.

I was aware beforehand that it would become an instructive journey in several facets even though I had built up a proper experience with sailing in inland and coastal waters…

Working in shifts, 6 hours in daytime and 4 hours in Nighttime.
The changing of the guard and the associaties procedures and preparations such as the awakening of the waiting guard, the backing of fresh Bread and the making of fresh coffee and tea, pumping the bilges by hand if necessary.
Everything had to fall in place to me… and gradually i got used to the fixed procedures on board in combination with a fantastic,

very experienced Captain and a Wonderfull but small crew.
The ship quickly felt like a warm Home in all weather conditions and the constant swell.Nordlys

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