Nicolas and Johanna are two new volunteers. They came after a succession of events !

After a long preparation for our trip (about two years), we finally decided to travel the world on foot. So, no gas or electrical engines. Our first objective was to reach Norway before summer to have a chance so see the Northern Lights. We arrived in Den Helder with the aim to hitch-hike boats. But first, we had to find a place to sleep and eat something. The coincidence made that we met Fieke at the supermarket. We explained to her our situation and she directly told us that the Nordlys might be looking for volunteers. After a little talk between us, we agreed to the volunteers job, only if we were fed. The next morning, after a quiet night in the forest, we went to the office, welcomed by Tristan, Jorne and others. We discussed around tea and biscuits about our motivation. A phone call later and we knew it was okay for us to stay ! We now have a great work and a room in the common house.

Now, after one week, we are sure, we have the same visions of social relations, free pollution transport… as the Fairtransport company. It´s a real pleasure to be volunteers here.

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