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These past months the Ecoliner team has been in contact with Dykstra Naval Architects on the last design issues of the ship, but more importantly, on the preparations of the wind tunnel test and the contract with the bureau which will execute this test, the Wolfson Unit in Southampton. We have had to have extensive dealings with the Leader of the EU S@il project (which funds development of sustainable transport), the province of Fryslân,to find funding for this very expensive test. The involvement of EU funding entailed an European public tender as well.
However, at last the contract has been approved and towards the end of February we have a slot for the tests, which will be executed in the UK. The tests will result in more definite findings about its design and especially about the efficiency of the rigging. This is an  important indicator of the costs involved in sustainable transport by the Ecoliner, and accordingly of its profitability. We hope to be able to make a business case on the basis of the wind tunnel test findings and make a start with finding investors. We shall keep you posted on significant developments.

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