Discharging cargo! On its way to the shipyard for inspecting the hull

Thanks you for your help!

Tuesday we discharged our fully loaded cargo hold partly on the dock next to our office and the rest of the cargo in a Dutch Sailing Barge. People from all over came to Den Helder to see and help unloading the precious cargo. 48 rum barrels! 2.5 ton of coffee, cocoa butter and much more.The job was done just before dawn.

all 60%

Foto’s Martijn Evertse

Thursday at dusk the Tres Hombres was pulled by a crewmember from the dock to the Shipyard.


Foto’s Martijn Evertse

Tres Hombres out of the water. She will be back in the water on monday.

indock 60%

Foto’s Martijn Evertse

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