Days of moon, honey and broken nights

DATE:7 augustus 2015  GMT:  POS:53 48. 767, N., 5 58.260,E COG: 210.4  SOG:0.0

Days of moon, honey and broken nights

Our bed is underneath the waterline. Seawater rushes by with a sound that reminds me of silver foam. I believe we are sailing with a speed of about 6 knots. We are sailing down wind relatively close to the Danish shore and the ship is gliding steadily through the North Sea.
Off and on some empty wine bottles gently cling against each other and from somewhere up above a B sings us to sleep. Yes, we are in the cargo hold. Soiszic and Jedna surprised us by creating a honeymoon suite down here with pink linen and a ladder on the side to keep us from falling out. I am very happy that today the waves are soft and the wind is very mild for a few hours. Yesterday I was completely seasick. It was rough sailing from Kattegat into the Skagerrak where the waves were about 3 meters high and the Tres Hombres was dashing up and down cutting through the foaming seawater. Lying in the cargo, eyes closed and palms of my hands on my chest and stomach I felt bad not being able to help with the tacks. I could hear heavy footsteps stumbling around, shouting of strict orders and waves trying to stop the Tres Hombres from going further. But she is made for it. She is made for rough weather. The Tres Hombres has sailed to Boca Chica in the Caribbean and back already 6 times.
Captain Andreas gave us a presentation about the becoming of the Tres Hombres and the vision of the fair transport movement. Seeing the many absurdly huge ugly cargo ships cross our way and hearing the strangely loud sound of the windmill construction in the middle of the sea makes me aware of the importance of this fair transport movement.
The moon is shining in deep honey colors.
Perfect trip for Gea and me to live our love for the sea, sails and the wind.
Beautiful to feel her loving hands holding up my hair while I am puking.
Wiebe has a nice Dutch word for throwing up: uitslikken.
But that is over now.
A few extra hours of sleep gave me the strength to actually be helpful in the maneuvers again.
My favorite is bracing. Dowsing and setting the gaff topsail is on nr. 2, pulling the sheet out of the water wit the pikhaak nr. 3, Wiebe singing and dancing while handling the helm, deck wash, making coffee and tea for the next watch, making wishes when seeing shooting stars, unfurling the royal, the gallant, topsail, course, watching the glowing sea, watching Gea while she is making a small powernap underneath the main boom in the midday sun.
The smell of freshly baked cookies is coming out of the galley.
3,6 knots.
White Stripes.
And we are all so very good looking.
Days of moon and honey and broken nights.
Unforgettable days of our honeymoon.


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