5. April 2022
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Tres Hombres



Age: 23
Nationality: SCOTTISH
Former occupation on land aka how do you keep yourself busy when you are not sailing?
I am working for an arts company, the “Black Dog Puppet Company”, which is expanding into an arts hub called “Create”.
Since the beginning of it, I am working there, doing a little bit of everything: performing but also building and constructing.
Which book, film, or song (or else) inspired/sparked in you first the dream of a life at sea?
When I was really young, I read a book: the brother of the main character loved boats and I guess that inspired me a lot. Then in my teens, I read a series of books set on tall ships, the Liveship Traders trilogy, which was very fun. And in high school, I studied traditional boat building for a year too. So when I finished my last year of high school, everybody started to look for universities, but I didn’t want to.
So I started to look for tall ships and I found Tres Hombres! I signed up for the half trip, but then a hurricane happened and it got cancelled. In the meantime, I studied organic farming in Norway and had a taste of some traditional sailing there in the fjords, which was very exciting. Then because of Covid, I could save some money and so now I am able to do the whole trip a few years after my original signing on.
What to pack for your sea chest, absolutely?
Loads of socks! More than you think you should pack. Also some way of documenting things, camera or diary, something like that and a good
snack for night watches.
What to leave ashore, doubtless?
Dramatic interpersonal dynamics (D.i.d.)
Which is your favourite peace corner onboard aka where do you hide when you need to be alone.
The Gaff Top Sail (not rigged) for snuggles and my bunk when the foc’s’le is empty (nap time)
Three Magic Words to hold fast to onboard?
Okidoke, Samshine, Fun.
If Tres Hombres was a wild creature, which one she would be?
It’s too difficult to choose something, it’s elusive. I can’t pin it down to one thing.
Biggest fear before joining and greatest satisfaction on the way?
My biggest fear was, that I would be s***t, that I just would be bad.
My greatest satisfaction is, that’s not what happened.
Why Tres Hombres?
I was drawing tall ships in art at school because I find there is something inspiring about them, they are pleasing in every sense.
When I found Fairtransport, the idea grew. And the Tres has no engine, which makes it even better!

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