After Portugal..

DATE: 19-11-14 GMT: 02-15 POS: 41-35.9 N, 10-25.9 W COG: 145 SOG: 2.1


WIND DIR: Northerly

WIND SPD: 5 knots

CLOUDS: Almost cloudless

SEA STATE: Westerly swell 1,5 m

SEA TEMP: 17.6 C

AIR PRES: 1010 hPa

After Lisbon..

After the storms in the north sea, after the squalls of the channel, between the rain showers of the bay of Biscay ; wet sailors whisper. Whispers of hope, whispers of a promised sea. The rumor spreads that after Portugal everything will be different. Some say the weather will be warm and dry and the winds favorable. All agree that the ship will fly south over the ocean, faster than the waves. After Portugal, there will be unicorns and the clouds will be made of Marshmallows ! Tuna fish will jump on deck to feed the sailors with fresh sushi and we will enter harbors and bays towed by whales. Experienced crew members remember that on previous voyages, after Portugal, the sails would furl by themselves without anyone climbing in the rigging,and the drystore would actually be dry !

We are looking forward to Portugal !


The Portside Watch.

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